CyberKiko Directory Digest Documentation

Command line parameters

You may create digests from command line (schedulers, batch files, etc.) by using the following syntax:


Digest.exe -create [directory] [digest file]


This will create a [digest file] from a [directory]. For example, to create a digest of C:\Temp and save it to C:\Digests\TempDigest.dig:


Digest.exe -create "C:\Temp" "C:\Digests\TempDigest.dig"



Started with version 1.4, you may also compare digests from command line by using the following syntax:


Digest.exe -compare [File1] [File2] [ReportFile] [HideMatches]


where [File1] and [File2] are Directory Digest (.dig) files to be compared, [ReportFile] is .txt or .xml file, where Directory Digest should store its report and [HideMatches] is true if we do not need a list of matching files in report, otherwise false.




Digest.exe -compare "C:\Temp\My1.dig" "C:\Temp\My2.dig" "C:\Temp\MyReport.xml" true


will create C:\Temp\MyReport.xml report on differences between digests C:\Temp\My1.dig and C:\Temp\My2.dig, and matching files will not be reported (true).



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