CyberKiko Directory Digest Documentation

1.4 series

Version 1.4c


  • fixed 'illegal compare route' error, when comparing digests with subdirectories containing files with same names; relative paths are now included in digests/reports


    IMPORTANT: Due to changes in digest, some files that are the same may be reported as different, when comparing digest created with Directory Digest 1.4c or later with digest created with Directory Digest 1.4b or earlier!


Version 1.4b


  • if link file (.LNK) is found, link file target is digested instead of link file itself


Version 1.4a


  • bug fix: "I/O error 21" when selecting diskette or CD/DVD drive with no media

  • improved responsiveness when digesting large files


Version 1.4


  • command line parameter (-compare) to compare digests from schedulers, batch files, etc.

  • bug fix: "ProgressBar property out of range" when creating digests of empty (sub)directories


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