CyberKiko Directory Digest Documentation

Directory Digest 1.3 did not produce a report

Older versions of Directory Digest made a report directly using Notepad.


With version 1.3, this has changed in a way, that Directory Digest use the application, which is registered with Windows to open .TXT files or .XML files, depending on which type of report you selected. Make sure at least one application is registered to open .TXT and .XML files.


A bug in version 1.3 cause Directory Digest to not produce a report (quietly, without an error message), if no application is registered with Windows to handle .TXT or .XML files or if other problems prevent report generation (out of memory, etc.). This is fixed in version 1.3a, which will alternatively try via Notepad and if this fails as well, report an error if it can not produce a report.


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