CyberKiko Directory Digest Documentation

Create Digest

Create Digest

With "Create Digest" screen you can create a new digest of selected directory.


1 . DriveDrive


Select the drive containing the directory you wish to digest.


2 . Directory selectionDirectory selection

Directory selection

Select the directory you wish to digest.


3 . Include subdirectoriesInclude subdirectories

Include subdirectories

Check this checkbox if you want to digest all subdirectories of selected directory as well. If you only want to digest selected directory without its subdirectories, clear this checkbox.


4 . Digest file nameDigest file name

Digest file name

Enter the file name where you want to save your new digest. File name must contain full path. You may generate this full path file name interactively using "..." button on the right.


5 . Back buttonBack button

Back button

Back button will return you to main menu without creating a new digest.


6 . Create digest buttonCreate digest button

Create digest button

Create digest button will start a digesting process on your selected directory and will save a created digest at a given file when finished.


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