CyberKiko DeleteMe Documentation

1.2 series

version 1.2e


  • application and installer revised for Windows 7

  • bug fix: fixed "TProgressBar out of range" error if no temporary folder is available (e.g. all defined temporary folders are removable drives, and no one is attached)

  • bug fix: internal structure was sometimes reset when temporary folder was not available, which may have prevented temporary files to be deleted


version 1.2d


  • changed: DeleteMe 1.2c or earlier removed a folder from a temporary folder list if it was unavailable at cleaning. This behavior has been changed to only skipping those folders, to avoid removal of folders on removable drives that are not present at the moment of cleaning.

  • installer revised for Windows Vista

  • on-line documentation


version 1.2c


  • improved handling of files, who's filenames are encoded in code page other than system default, or in Unicode

  • revised for Windows Vista


version 1.2b


  • minor bug fixes


version 1.2a


  • bug fix: fixed "TProgressBar out of range" error on first run with no temporary folders defined


version 1.2


  • optional cleaning of hidden and read-only files

  • optimized (faster) scanning and cleaning


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