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How does DeleteMe work?

Unlike most of temporary folder cleaners, DeleteMe does not remove files immediately when called. Instead, DeleteMe removes files only after they where unmodified for a specified period of time. This ensures that DeleteMe does not delete temporary files that may still be in use. Please note that DeleteMe will consider file to be modified even if it is only renamed, moved to a subfolder, etc. without actual change of content.


DeleteMe does not rely on file time stamps, but keeps its own file listing with all required information. For this reason, no files are removed on first run. Also, no files are removed until at least a specified period of time have passed.


This approach is used to ensure that no files are removed too soon. For example: you download a ZIP file from the Internet and unpack it into temporary folder. Those files may have very old time stamps and as such would be removed instantly if only their time stamp is observed, giving you no time to work with them. For this reason DeleteMe only remembers that new files appeared in temporary folder, and removes them only after a specified period of time have passed (unless they were modified; in that case a specified period of time must pass after the last modification of the file).


As of version 1.5.1 it is possible to set a directory to be cleaned after 0 days. In this case, DeleteMe removes all files in that directory on every run, without checking if files were changed.


In addition, empty subfolders are also removed on every run.

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