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How to use DeleteMe

It's simple. On DeleteMe's main screen, just specify a list of folders you want to be treated as temporary. Usually, these include, but are not limited to, folders like "C:\TEMP", "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Temporary Files", etc. For every folder, you have to specify the number of days, after which files are deleted, if they are unchanged.


That's all. Now, either regularly run DeleteMe from your Start Menu, and click on "Clean temporary folders", or add DeleteMe with /BATCH parameter to your task scheduler. If you want DeleteMe to clean your folders on Windows startup, check the "Clean temporary folders on Windows startup" checkbox, under Schedule tab.


Every time you click "Clean temporary folders" or run DeleteMe with /BATCH parameter, DeleteMe scans all specified folders and identifies files, that were unmodified for the number of days given. Only those files are removed.

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