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Select "Clean temporary folders on Windows startup" to enable DeleteMe to run every time you log into Windows. NOTE: DeleteMe will run on every log on into Windows, but will perform cleaning only as specified in "Perform cleaning only every N days" setting.

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Select "Use idle time only" to run DeleteMe with lowest possible priority, thus giving more time to other running programs.

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Select "Skip cleaning when computer is running on batteries" to disable DeleteMe when your computer is running on batteries. It is recommended to use this setting, as DeleteMe may consume more power, as it is using hard disk. NOTE: DeleteMe may still execute cleaning if you computer was just disconnected from power and your battery is fully charged.

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In this field, DeleteMe gives a command to use, when executing DeleteMe form a scheduler. You can use "Copy to clipboard" button to copy this command to clipboard, and later paste it into your scheduler.

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This setting tells DeleteMe how often to do actual scanning and cleaning of files, even if DeleteMe itself is executed more often. NOTE: This setting does not affect "Clean temporary folders" button on main tab - it always executes scanning and cleaning.

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