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Error/PUT: 550 Access is denied.

550 Access is denied error is reported by FTP server if:

  • the username you use to connect to FTP server does not have enough permissions to read/write the file - in this case FTP server administrator must correct your username permissions or

  • the file is in use by some other application on either your source or destination - in this case the file will be transferred in one of future transfers, when it is no longer in use


However, this error may sometimes indicate you have specified a wrong directory (Dir parameter). This is because sometimes your FTP server may automatically map your user directory, when you log in and sometimes not. You may check this by using Windows FTP command, and using PWD command will show you your real FTP directory, you should use with Dir parameter.


For example:



Connected to

220 OK

User ( kristof

331 Password required for kristof


230 Logged on

ftp> pwd

257 "/" is current directory.


In this case we can use Dir=/. However, if server returned:


ftp> pwd

257 "/www/users/kristof/" is current directory.


we should use Dir=/www/users/kristof/ instead.


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