CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

2.6 series

version 2.6.70


version 2.6.62

  • fixed self test bug


version 2.6.61

  • added support for heterogeneous FTP clusters


version 2.6.60

  • auto detection of FTP server type

  • support for FTP linked folders (UNIX)

  • support for Novell type FTP servers

  • added option Delete=FilesOnly


version 2.6.50

  • improved Include/Exclude options (new: IncludeDir, IncludeRoot, IncludeFile; updated: ExcludeDir, ExcludeFile)

  • file timestamp on destination is set to source timestamp (if destination FTP server supports this operation)

  • increased number of extensions that are transferred in ASCII mode (see AsciiExt parameter)


version 2.6.40

  • removed all on-screen error messages (to avoid "hanging" of FTPSync when called from a task scheduler or batch file)

  • fixed logging if log directory is unavailable

  • added RetryCount and RetryDelay parameters

  • added Abort button


version 2.6.30

  • optimized, search for updated files should be faster


version 2.6.25

  • Daylight Saving Time observation

  • FTP server date/time format change observation

  • improved logging (immediate log write, logs can be stored on an alternate directory)


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