CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

2.7 series

version 2.7e

  • fixed issue where some errors reported by FTPSync caused FTPSync to hang instead of terminating

  • parameter TransferMode was backported from comming FTPSync 2.8, as lots of users asked for it


version 2.7d

  • fixed several destination timestamping issues


version 2.7c

  • fixed /QUIET command line parameter issue


version 2.7b

  • improved support for UNIX symbolic links

  • improved UNIX "special files" handling

  • fixed hang that sometimes appeared after "Source directory does not exist" error


version 2.7a

  • fixed concurrency issue (if several transfers operate on the same set of files simultaneously)

  • fixed MTB/RES file corruption issue

  • errors during FTPSync startup and cleanup are now logged

  • added DisableAbortButton parameter

  • added IgnoreFailedDirs parameter


version 2.7

  • minor optimizations

  • support for FTP transfers of files > 2GB

  • added file size verification after download (if destination is file system and file is transferred in binary mode)

  • multiple passes: transfer small files first, larger files later


FTPSync 2.6 and 2.7 share the same internal structures - there should be no side effects when upgrading or downgrading.

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