CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

2.8 series

version 2.8g

  • Removed irrelevant warnings when using multiple Passes in combination with Delete parameter.

  • Fixed "Invalid file format" error when running under .NET 4.0.

  • Added support for include/exclude with nested directories.

  • Added support for IBM iSeries FTP servers.


version 2.8f

  • Fixed Case=Lower issue, when source is FTP server.

  • Fixed "File in use" error when retrieving directories.

  • Fixed deletion of destination when error occurs during source directory retrieval.

  • Added support for IP override when FTP server reports internal IP on PASV command.

  • Fixed include/exclude issues when UNC path is used.

  • Fixed incorrect handling of 12AM/PM time in some cases when MS FTP was used.

  • Fixed "Corrupt/inconsistent source directory listing" error when directory contains files starting with space.



To fix "Case=Lower" issue and improve performance, FTPSync 2.8f changes the way directories are retrieved and snapshot is stored. This is not an issue when upgrading to this version from previous versions, however, if you decide to downgrade from this version to an earlier release of FTPSync (2.8e or earlier), it is recommended to perform FULL sync after downgrade.


version 2.8e

  • improved directory retrieval, both in speed and reliability, deprecated IgnoreFailedDirs parameter

  • improved handling of shutdown and logout events

  • changed behavior of RetryDelay/RetryCount parameters, added new MaxErrors parameter


version 2.8d


version 2.8c

  • support for TCP/IP Keep Alive on control connection (KeepAlive parameter)

  • improved handling of MODE Z compressed transfers (AllowModeZ and CompressedExt parameters)

  • support for FTP servers that use non-english datetime notations (german, french, italian and spanish)

  • /INIT command line switch

  • fixed /DEBUG command line switch issue, which caused some transfers to fail, even if file was transferred completely


version 2.8b


version 2.8a

  • fixed Access violation error when transferring large files to FTP server with MODE Z support

  • more responsive user interface during large file transfers (file system to file system)

  • option to remove default text extension from AsciiExt list

  • added TempDir parameter


version 2.8

  • fixed SkipDelete parameter issue

  • added [Commands] section

  • added /FULL, /INCREMENTAL and /DIFFERENTIAL command line parameters

  • added TransferMode parameter

  • slightly changed "design"

  • automatic FTP mode detection (active/passive), when Passive parameter is not set

  • optimized code; should run faster on most configurations

  • indented log

  • MODE Z support (compressed transfers from FTP servers that support it)


FTPSync 2.7 and 2.8 share the same internal structures - there should be no side effects when upgrading or downgrading.


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