CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

2.9 series

version 2.9.13

version 2.9.12

version 2.9.10

  • Upgraded FTP component, improves reporting on SSL handshake errors.

  • Upgraded OpenSSL library, includes Poodle exploit fix.


version 2.9.9

version 2.9.8

  • Upgraded FTP component, fixed External exception C000001D on Windows 8.1.


version 2.9.7

  • Fixed Range check errors that may occur in some cases during FTP transfers.


version 2.9.6

  • Upgraded FTP component, resolving rare connect issue, causing FTPSync to send FTP commands before connect finished.


version 2.9.5

  • Added window size/position parameters.

  • Upgraded FTP component, connect improvements.

  • Timestamping now supports MFMT in addition to MDTM command.

  • Improved .NET 4 compatibility, now using .NET 4 first, fallback to .NET 2 if unavailable.

  • Fixed SkipDelete=Yes issues (parameter was sometimes ignored).


version 2.9.4

  • Fixed an issue where FTPSync would crash immediately when running on some non-english versions of Windows, or english version of Windows with some regional settings changed.


version 2.9.3


version 2.9.2

  • Fixed error that could cause destination timestamp to be set one year less or one year more that it should be.

  • Added TimestampOffset and UseTimestamp parameters.


version 2.9.1

  • Added %proc% macro.

  • Added /DELAY command line parameter.

  • Fixed issue when FTPSync rejected sync as duplicate when two syncs were stared with the same INI file name, in two different directories.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


version 2.9

  • FTPSync and FTPSync SSL are combined in a single executable.

  • FTPSync now supports both implicit and explicit SSL.

  • Reduced memory use: larger directories can be synced with same hardware.

  • Improved start up diagnostics and crash prevention.

  • Improved FTP mode detection.

  • Added option to skip transfer if computer is running on batteries.

  • Simplified licensing: no more copying of license keys into every .INI file.

  • Branding mode: added options to set tool name and application icon.


FTPSync 2.8 and 2.9 share the same internal structures - there should be no side effects when upgrading or downgrading.

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