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Known Issues

FTPSync only monitors source and detects what was changed on source. For this reason, there are the following design limitations:

  • FTPSync can only be used for one way transfers (source to destination). It is impossible to implement two way sync by defining two transfers.

  • First time you do a transfer, FTPSync transfers all files. On all subsequent transfers, only files, that have changed on source, are transferred. See FAQ.

  • If destination was changed (unless change is made by FTPSync), FTPSync will NOT detect it and will not sync the file in question, unless it was also modified on source.


Other known issues:

  • There is a known issue with TransferMode parameter.

  • There is a known issue with SkipDelete parameter in versions prior to FTPSync 2.8.

  • There is a known issue with Passive parameter (FTP mode auto-detection).

  • There are known issues with some firewalls and large files. Transfers of large files through some firewalls may result in "connection timed out" or similar error, even if transfer was ok and there are no connection problems. Some firewalls have an "FTP timeout option", increasing its value sometimes helps.

  • FTPSync does not support Unicode filenames.

  • FTPSync's algorithm is file based, not directory based. Because of that, empty directories are not transferred. Also, if all files are removed from a directory, FTPSync will remove that directory on destination as well. If you need a directory to be transferred/left on destination, you must put a dummy file in it (FSDF tool can help you).



Should you find any bugs, have a question, a suggestion or would like to express your opinion, please feel free to write. To contact me, send email to:


          support (at) cyberkiko (dot) com


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