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AfterTransfer [optional] : command you want to execute after FTPSync ends transfer.


This command is subject for macro substitution, with additional macros available for this command only: %LOGFILE% is replaced by full path & file name of this transfer's log file and %STATUS% is replaced by FTPSync return/error code.


For example, in combination with command line send mail tools, such as Blat, this parameter may be used to send transfer log file after transfer is finished.


Example: AfterTransfer=blat "%LOGFILE%" -to



  • FTPSync will execute the command, but will not wait for the process to finish.

  • FTPSync will execute the command regardles of the sync exit status (even if sync was not completed or partially completed).

  • Make sure to put %LOGFILE% in quotes, otherwise your command may not execute properly if log file is in a directory whose name contain spaces!

  • AfterTransfer command will not be executed if logout or shutdown happen during FTPSync transfer, because Windows do not allow new processes to start if logout or shutdown is in progress.

  • AfterTransfer command is not executed when transfer is aborted by user, unless AfterTransferOnAbort is set.

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