CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

AsciiExt Parameter

AsciiExt [optional] : list of file extensions that must be transferred using ASCII mode.


By default FTPSync transfers the following extensions in ASCII mode:

.asp; .aspx; .bat; .c; .cs; .cfm; .cpp; .css; .dhtml; .h; .hpp; .htm; .html; .ini; .log; .mak; .pas; .php; .pl; .shtml; .txt; .xml


If you need additional extensions to be transferred in ASCII mode, specify them in AsciiExt parameter. Extensions must include leading dot and be separated by semicolon.


Example: AsciiExt=.dat;.ext


Files with other extensions are transferred using BINARY mode.


Starting with FTPSync 2.8a it is possible to transfer files with any of default text extensions above in binary mode. To do this, prefix the extension with minus (-). For example, to force FTPSync to transfer *.txt files in binary mode, use:




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