CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

IncludeDir Parameter

IncludeDir [optional]: list of directories that will be transferred (all by default). Wildcards are supported. Entries must be separated with semicolon.


Example: IncludeDir=docs;logs;images


To determine which directories to include/exclude, FTPSync first checks IncludeDir parameter and then apply ExcludeDir parameter. Thus, directories that are specified in IncludeDir AND NOT specified in ExcludeDir are transferred.


Nested directories are supported, with following limitations:

  • wildcards are not supported

  • proper delimiter must be used (/ for FTP servers, \ for file system)


Example: IncludeDir=debug/bin


will include bin directory, that is child of debug directory, but not bin directory, that is child of other directories, e.g. release/bin.

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