CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

Passes Parameter

Passes [optional]: this parameter tells FTPSync in how many passes files should be transferred. The default value of "3;16;128" means, it should use 3 passes, transferring files of 16KB or less in first pass, files of 128KB or less in second pass and all other files in third pass.


You should use value "1", if you want FTPSync to work as FTPSync version 2.6 or earlier.


Example: Passes=1

(use one pass)


Example: Passes=5;16;128;1024;4096

(use 5 passes; up to 16KB files in first pass; up to 128KB files in second pass; up to 1MB files in third pass; up to 4MB files in fourth pass; and all other files in fifth pass)


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