CyberKiko FTPSync 2.9 & 2.10 Documentation

Priority Parameter

Priority [optional]: if "Normal", FTPSync process gets normal priority (default). If "Idle", FTPSync gets idle time only - FTPSync will run slower, but will not slow down other processes (useful if you are using FTPSync on a server). If "High", FTPSync runs with high priority - it will run faster, but will slow down all other processes (useful when running FTPSync on a workstation over-night, when no other programs run).


Example: Priority=Idle


NOTE: In most cases you should not set Priority parameter, as normal priority will work best in most cases. Set this parameter only if your source AND destination is file system and only if you are sure setting it will give you real perfomance benefit - if source or destination is FTP server, downloading/uploading to FTP server is very slow comparing to other processes, so FTPSync gives other processes enough time, regardless of this parameter.


Setting Priority=Idle, when your source or destination is FTP server may cause you frequent timeouts, if your computer is busy with other processes.


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